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At Interstates, we pride ourselves on providing first-class support to our customers. That support begins with our dedicated support professionals that have both knowledge and training in the automation and control systems that are present in the industries we serve. Each client and call is handled with the utmost importance, beginning with a methodology that seeks to understand the problem at the time.


o2 Introduction & Definitions 03 Support Contract Levels 04 Support Cost Comparisons, Feature Comparisons & Add-On’s 05 Support Costs in Real Life

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DEFINITIONS Business Hours | 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST excluding holidays (FNriedwayYaefatre'rs TDhaayn, Mksegmivoinriga,lCDharyis, tJumlyas4)th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, After Hours | Calls taken between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM Monday tMhoronudgahy Torhudrusrdinagy hanodlidbaeytwliseteend 5a:b0o0vPeM Friday and 8:00 AM Hourly Billing Rate | All incidents will be tracked for the hours ai ntcercehmnei cni ta. nC wl i eonr tkss wo ni l l tbhee mb i lal endd froorutnhdeetdo tt aol thhoeunres asrpeesnt t1 5 m i n u t e wsuoprpkoinrtgcoonntthraecitnlceivdeelnt at the hourly rate determined by the Business Hours Minimum | Dependent upon support contract level, a one hour minimum may be charge for all incidents regard less of the total time spent to resolve the issue. If the total tsipmeenteoxcnetehdesionnciedheonut r, the client will be billed at the total hours After Hours Minimum | Dependent upon support contract level, an o4r hmoaul rbmu si inni ems us mh ocuhrasr ag se dme af iyn be de aa pb po vl i ee .dTfhoirs amn iynci ma l lusmo uwt soiudled o f be xecreeegda r4dhl eosusr os ,f thhoeunr tshsepteont ta lo cnhtahreg ei nwc ioduelndt buen fl eo sr satcht ue ya lwt iemr ee ttoo resolve. Guaranteed 24X7 Support | All clients electing any level smuopspt ocrat swe si l tl hbi es gwui al l rba en tbeye dc oancnc ee cs ts i nt og ot ou ra sl ui vpepsourpt pt eoar mt t e2c4hxn7i .cIi na n dmui rniuntge sb uf osri naensys ahfot eurr sh oa nu dr srceaclel si v. iCnl gi ean tcsa lwl bi tahc skuwp pi tohri nt c3o0n t r a c t s non contracted clients both during and 30-Minute Response Time | All calls from clients on a support cmoinntur taecst owf i cl lornetcaecitvi en ga or eu sr pt oe na ms e. fWr oemwoi lul rt hseunp pwoorrt kt et oa mr e ws oi ltvhei ny o3 u0 r issues as quickly as possible. Prepaid Hours | Contracts that include prepaid support hours aTlhl oews e fho or ubrusdwg ei ltli nb ge oc of ns us upmp oerdt ac oc csot sr doivnegrl yt ht eo lhi foeuor fs tshpeecnot n t r a c t . wh oowr kmi nugcohnhiansc bi deeennt sc oannsduwmiel ldbaensdh ioswrne mo na i mn i onng .t h l y i n v o i c e s a s t o Annual Site Visit | A support technician will come onsite for 2-3 da catyi sv idt ieeps eannddi nwg oornk swi tiet hs il zoec at ol tceoanmd ut oc tr ep vr ei evwe nstyi vs et emmaoi npteernaat inocne and performance.

INTRODUCTION Ap rt oI vn itde irns gt afti er ss t, -wc lea spsr isduep opuorrst et lov eosu or n couusr t do emdei cr sa .t eTdh as tu spuppopr to rptr bo feegsi sniso nwai ltsh t h a t ha ua vt oemb ao tt iho nk naonwd lceodngter oa lnsdy tsrtaeimn isntgh iant t h e aE raec hp rcel iseenntt ai nn dt hcea lilnids uhsat nr idelse dw we si tehr vt he .e umtemt hoos tdioml opgoyr tt ha na tc es,ebeekgs itnon i n g w i t h a uOnndc ee rtshtea npdr ot bh lee mp r oi sb ul enmd eartsttho eo dt i, m e . i imn cplaucdt isn, go uurp tset raema mw oa rnkds doonwr ne ss ot rl eu at imo n ai nst qe ruri uc kpltyi oans ipmo ps saicbtlse y, ko nu or wc ui ns tgotmh ae tr sa n y aa nn yd sbuopt tpoomr t lai nc et i.vOi tuyrotne laymwchl oe ns ews eo uktn o w tehxepepcrtoabtiloemns.has been resolved to your Bwyi tehnIgnat ge irns gt aitne sa ws uepaproerat balgerteoe mo f ef enrt y o u gh uo au rr as npt ee re dd apyh, os en ve esnu dp apyosr ta awv ae iel ka b, 3l e6 25 4 dt haayts apr ee r byaesaerd. iWn et hoef f Ue rn li itveed tSetcaht ne si c ai annds aCrSeT aMv aoinl adbalye tbhertowuegehnF8r iAd Ma y.a n d 5 P M Ab edtdwi tei oe nn aml l yi d, nwieg hdtoahnadv8e As tMa fMf i nogn d a y thhoruorusg, hw Fe rui dt ial iyz. eOaunt soi dn ec oa fl l t shyesstee mn owr mi t ha l rAedsdpiot inosneatl il my, ewwe iut thi il inz e3 0a mc l oi nuudt ebsa. s e d spyrsotveimd i nf ogri nt rfaocrkmi nagt i oa lnl cf ol ire bn ot ti nh coi du er nt et sa, m av on ldu ymoeu, ians cti hd ee nc tl i he ni stt ot or ya na na ldy zoet hcearl l ms ueptpr iocrst tyooruervfiaecwi l iht ioews . o u r t e a m c a n





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Ob ruornszi el vpe ar cl ek va eg le pbayc ko af fgeer ibnug i lndos poenr t- hc ae l l mi n it nr oi md uucmi ndg uprri enpg abi du ssiunpe ps so rhtohuor us rasn. d Ar ef dt eurc-ehdo upresr -ccaal ll sl raartee oafnf edr ewdi twh iat hs uar c h a r g e . Tmhei ds i pu amc -kcaogme pi sl et xa ii tl oy rcel di e fnot rs mt hiadt- swi zaendt t2o4 e/ n7 s/u3r6e5t. hTehyi sh iasvtehreems oi unri mc eus ma v a i l a b l e rc eucsot ommme er ns duet idl i zs ui npgpIo- rCtolne tvreol l f. o r a n y


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NO SUPPORT CONTRACT $0 $250 1 Hour 4 Hours $130/Call No Included Hours





$6,000 $185 No Minimum

$10,500 $185 No Minimum 1 Hour $65/Call 25 Hours Included

Priced Per Site Included Included Included Included Unlimited Hours

Annual Support Fee* Automation Support Labor Rate Business Hours Per Call Minimum After Hours Per Call Minimum After Hours Per Call Surcharge Prepaid Hours**

1 Hours $65/Call No Included Hours

**Prepaid hours can be adjusted to meet customer needs at a discounted hourly rate. Please inquire for more information. *This is priced per site. Ask about our multi-site discount.






SUPPORT LEVEL Guaranteed 24/7 Support Access Industry Specific Dedicated Support Team (Feed, Flour, Process) Expected 30 Minute or Less Response Time* Discounted Prepaid Hours Quarterly Control System Backups Quarterly System Health Checks




ADDITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES WE OFFER Icnotset rs s. tTaht ee ss eo sf feerrvsi caedsd ci tai no nbael ps eurrvc ihcaessetdo imn daixviimd ui zael l uy potri ma de d, iemd pt or oavneypor fo od uu rc tsi uo pn peof fritc ci eonnctyr,aacnt sd. r e d u c e o p e r a t i n g + Annual Site Visit + I-Control Licensing + Hazard Monitoring Audits + Embedded Resources

One of our knowledgeable support technicians will spend 3 days or more onsite, completing a checklist of proactive activities to help ensure uptime and also working with staff to better understand and fully utilize the control system.

This is an annual fee which will give your site access to the latest updates and features of the iControl software suite.

We have a dedicated team of instrumentation techs that can complete a thorough analysis of your hazard monitoring equipment, assisting with configuration as well as testing and suggestions for improvement.

In a pinch and need additional onsite support? We can send either automation support (PLC, HMI) or an electrical and instrumentation technician (instruments, electrical work, etc.) onsite for an agreed upon period to help daily with location needs.


SUPPORT COSTS IN REAL LIFE Nvaorwyinwgelwevielllsshoafrseuapnpoerxtample of the total costs when comparing a non contract site to a site electing for the For this example, we will consider the following events happen during the course of a contract: Dt huorsi en gc anl ol sr ims a1l9bhuos ui nress. sA hd od ui tri os ,ntahlel ys, ittheecsailtles cf oarl l ss u6ptpi mo ret s1d3utri imn ge sa df tue rr i hn og ut hr se oyre awre. Te kheentdost awl ti ti mh ae tsopteanl towf 6o rhkoi un rgso n sspupenptoortnlecavlellss..Below is a breakdown of what the actual annual cost to the site would be for each of the different





Total Annual Cost Remaining Prepaid Hours

$12,280 0

$11,200 0

$10,500 0

Site Specific Unlimited

Without a contract, the site would pay $12,280 during the course of the year for the billable hours they incurred. However, this is not factoring in that there would be no guarantee on 24 hour availability of support nor wt hoe ual nd nt uh ae lr ec obset awnoyurl ed scpoonnt si ne ut iemt oe eg sucaar laant et ede uaev taoi l at hb el eh. iI gf ha edrd pi t ei or nhaol usru cpopsot rat swwe er el l na es et dh ee dh bo eu yr ol yn md it nh iemeux ma ms pt hl ea ta ab roev e , enforced. Moving into the Bronze level of support would cost less than having no contract in this example. You would ap losrot hpahvoengeunaur ma nbt ee re dt o2u4s- eh ot hu ar ts wu popuol dr tbwe ipt hr i o3 r0i tmi ziendu toev er er sapnoynns eo nt i-mc oenst. rAa dc td ci tl ii oe nn at sl l. yT, hy oi sugwi voe us lydohuatvhee apde ea dc ei c oa ft emd i snudp - that you have support available when you need it. This example is the “right size” approach for our Silver level. The 25 prepaid hours perfectly cover the usage of ovre sr ut ph pe ocrotnot vr ae cr t t ahne dc ot huer ssei toe f wt hoeu lyde ai nr caunrdnaonandudailt iporneaml icuhma rsgceasn. Tehviesna bl seo bai ll ll oe wd si nt hi nesltoacl lamt i eo nn t tsot hp rr oo up ge hr loyubt ut hd eg eyte a r. This is also giving all of the benefits of the Bronze level with prioritized access to support and quick response times. Finally, we offer our Gold support level, previously our Support 2.0 service. This is an all inclusive package tqhuaatr wt eirl ll yc os yvsetre aml l boaf ct khue pssi tae ns dn eq euda sr toevr el yr st hy set ce omn threaacltt. hTchhi se ci nk cs l. uTdhei ss iunnclliumdiet es dr ehvoi eu wr s ooff Ps uL Cp paonrdt s3y6s5t edma yesr pr oe rr lyoegasr,t o et hv aa tl uma taey tehnec ho eu anlttehr ohf i yg oh ue rr es yms pt el omyse. eWt ue rtnhoovr eoru. gAhdl dy i et inocnoaul lrya, gi fe yt oh ui s al reev enl efwo r t loa rI -gCeor,nmt roorl eo cr ormu npnl ei nx gs iat ense owr cf oo rn tsri toel s skynsotwe mi n ag dt dh iant ga lGl oolfdysouuprpsourpt pgoi vr et sn ye oe du sawwi lalybteo ahdadvree as sfei xdewd idt ho lnl aor af odrd iat iyoenaarl oc fossut sp. p o r t a n d t h e c o m f o r t o f


CHERWELL INCIDENT TRACKING SYSTEM Cf ohreor uwrecl ll iiesnat st .h iFrrdo pma rat yc l si eunptppoerrt stpoeocl tui vt ei l,i zt he di s bayl l ot hwes I ynot eur tsot abt ee skteepatmi nt ot hkeeleopo pa cocfuar lal ttehreescuopr dpso rotf caol lnscuepr np so rt th na te eo du sr tvei ea wm ahlal so fh tahned sl eudp pf oorr yt oi nufro framc ial ti ti oy.nWaen dc aanl ssoe tsuupb mu si et ras t wi c ikteht af oc cr essusptpo oar tc lfioern ltopwo rptrai lofroi tryyno euer dssi t. eA wd dhiet iroenyaol luy, cwa ne cI na tne rc no anlfliyg, ut rhei si na dl l iovwi dsuuasl ut os eerass itloy bt reaecmk iani lcei dd ewnittshaanl dl tlioc ok ek taitnhf oi srtmo raitci oa lni nf of or ramn ai nt idoinv ifdour aal ,sliot ec .aAt ido dn i, toi or noarlgl ya,nainz ay t i o n . ri te tpaekaetsotro f eoxl lpolwa i nu pa ws i ot ur ak t fi oo rn .aTn hi insciind et un rt nc asna vqeusi cykoluy tbi me reeaf enrde nmcaekdebs yi tt iecaksei et rn fuomr bues rt ot ogreet dt uo cae stohleu taimo no uq nu ti cokfetri. m e Cherwell services are available to all clients that are utilizing any of our support levels. CALL IN PROCEDURES Fg iovre ayl lo cul itehnet si nef no rr oml laetdi oinn toonceoonft ao cutr ssuuppppoorrt t. Tp hl ai ns si ,nyf oo rumwaitl il orne cwe ii lvl ewaodr ok cf uo mr be ontths ibmu si lianre tsos thhoeuor sn ea nbde laofwt e rt hhaot uwr si l l sduepppe no rdti.nTghoenehx oa mw pwl ee bweol ouwl d wb eosutl dc l ba sesfiof yr yoonue robf uosui rn ePsrso. cUe tsisl iczliinegn tosu, ry opuhro nc ael ls yi ns tneummabnedr dmeadyi cbaet eddi fnf eurme nbte r s a l l o w s us to easily route your call to our team members most familiar with your site or industry.




NON-CRITICAL ISSUES No Production Impact

CRITICAL ISSUES Production Impacted or Stopped

Response Time 24x7 Less than 30 minutes Call +1.712.938.0050 Details

Response Time 7:30am-4:30pm EST Depends on Urgency (High Priority 2hrs, Low Priority 2 days)

Email Please Include: -- YPohuornneanmume ber where you can be reached -- PKleaynDt oetraSiliste(uNragmenecy, plant area, device, - mDaotteora,npdrotcimeses,oefttch,)e issue (if known)

Web Portal c h ehrt wt pesl:l/o/ni nd teemr satnadt e. cso. m

Ideal Use Cases: -- CV ri eewa t et i ac kneet ws t taitcukse t -- ARedodpneonteastitcokaetti(cwkeitthin three days of - Rreesvoieluwtiaolnl )closed tickets

with c C r d w ill troubleshoot over the phone as much as possible. a a e l a s li u t n e p g a p p o t u i r c t t k s t e e y t c o o h u n n d i y c ir o ia e u n c r t 2 l b y 4 e i h x n 7 a t l w o f u a h n c o h

Ttoogaecttisveatteupy.our web portal access, please send an email to indicating that you would like GETTING ACCESS TO THE WEB PORTAL

TICKET MANAGEMENT -- LIFECYCLE & NOTIFICATIONS You can expect to receive an email notification anytime… aa ntiecwkettiicskmetoidsicfrieedat(eadnew note is added to the ticket) aantiacnkeatlyisstrseesnodlvseadfollow-up communications

AYollunmotaiyficraetpiolyndsiwreiclltlcyotmoeanfryomemcaliiel nast.slounpgpoarsty@oiunDteOrsNtaOteTsC.cHoAmNGE THE SUBECT LINE. Any replies will be recorded as a nWohteenonanthaentailcyksettm. arks the ticket as “Resolved,” you will receive an email with resolution notes and instructions on how to re-open the ticket. If you do not re-open the ticket, it will automatically close and be archived as read-only.


CONCLUSION Wt h er ot uh ga hn kt hyeo du i ff of err leonotksi un pg paot rI tn ot eprtsi ot antse sa nf odr wy oo ur kr awui tt oh my oa ut i ot on fsi un pd paosr ot lnuet ieodns . t Wo be ews to fui tl dy ob ue rmboursei nt eh sasn nheaepdpsy. Ft eo etla l k fIrneteertsotactoenstcaacnt upsrowviitdhea. nWyefulorothkefroqrwueasrtdiotno swoorrikf iynoguwwitohuyldoulikine tthoelefuartunrme!ore about any of the other services that Beyond your automation support needs, Interstates is happy to offer solutions in the following areas. CONSULTING SERVICES Yd oa ut awmaanyt bt oe bpel ecnotni ffui dl , eynotut hnaete ydohuerl pf a mc i lai kt yi ni gs oi tpaecrtai ot innagbel fef.i cOi ue nr tpl yr oabnl de ms a- fseollyv i—n gt ao pd pa yr oaancdh itnot oc otlhl eecftui nt ug raen. dT h o u g h ab ne sa tl yazci hn ige vpel aynot udragt ao awl si l. lYhoeul pc ayno uc oi ud ne nt toi nf y oaurre absr ooaf dr iks nk so wa nl edddgeet eb rams ei naen dt hree ra il g- wh todr ledc iesxi op ne sr i, esno cl ue t ti oo nbsr, i an ng dq au catl ii ot yn sa nt od reliability to every project. CONTROL PANELS & POWER SKIDS Ianwcar ye af sr oe my ojuorb ss pi t ee es da no df dr ee ll iyv eo rny oaunrdf iRe Ol dI - br eyalde yv earnadg ifnugl l yo ut er spt er odvceonnmt r ao nl pu faancet lusr ai nngd spool uwt ei or nssk. i Md so tvoe isni cgrnei af iscea nt ht el asbpoere d apnrodjeqcutaslditoynoef fyaosuterrparnodjemctso.rFersoamfemly.odular e-houses to prefabbed components, our skilled teams will get your ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING Ph irgohj el yc tcsogl leatbeoarsaitei rv ewahpepnr oy oa cuhups er osai nc tgi lvee-lsyoiudrecnet ei flieecst pr ioc tael natni adl es nc hg ei ndeuel ri ni nggc ehxapl leernt gs ef so,radl leoswi gi nn ga ne xdt cr ao nt ismt reu ct ot i op nr e. sOeunrt ssokilull,tiaonndsethxcaetpfittioynoaulrqbuuadligtey.t — no scope creep. You can trust us to handle your most complex issues with safety, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & INTEGRATION Ay ouut or mb ua st ii on ne si ss . aAt t t Ihnet ehresat ratt eosf , ywoeu rc aonp ehreal pt i ognusi daen ydoiumtpharcotus gphl aanutt op mr oadtui ocnt i, ocno, nstercoul rhi at yr, dawn adr ee xmp aondseironni zpaot ti oe nn t, iaanl df o r denigsiutarel tarlalnysofuorrmcoantitornolisnyitsitaetmivsesarweitthhesobleusttiofintsfocratyeorue.d to your needs. As a certified systems integrator, we’ll MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT Yr eosuo nl uetei od na, irne cl iraebalseepraervtenneur ew, fi ot hc ubsa totnl es- at ef es tt ye ,da tnedc hs nu ipcpa ol retx ypoe ur tri sger ot ow ri ne dg uocpee yr ao tui or ndaolwnne tei dmse. ,We xhpe et hdei trei ti s’ ss u e maintenance or ongoing support — if there are problems you can’t solve, you can rely on our trained professionals. OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY En emebdrsa, cf reotmh evAi rrttuoafl iSz ma t ai or nt wt oi tnhect owmo rpkr ienhge tnos icvyeboe pr seer caut iroi nt ya. lTthe rc oh ungohl oignyn soov laut ti oi onn as nf od rcyool luarb po rl aant itos nt ,hoaut rmaepept ryooauc hr htoelkpeseypoyuomurofvaecifloitrywraurndnwinitghesffeiccuiernittyly, .compliance, and reliability – while still maintaining the control you need


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