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You now have valuable insights into the transformative power of industrial analytics. But where do you go from here? With extensive experience in manufacturing analytics and industrial plant environments, Interstates is ready to help you navigate your digital transformation journey. Our data scientists and analytics experts can help you find and integrate the right solutions based on your needs, whether “out of the box” or a customized solution built for your plant. Interstates focuses on three areas in analytics: data collection and storage, reporting and dashboarding, and advanced analytics. Our solutions and experts can meet you where you’re at in your digital transformation journey: Data Collection & Storage Before using data, you must begin with a quality data founda tion. Centralizing your data storage will help you understand what information you have, making it easier to conduct analysis and create plans. Interstates will evaluate the best platform for your data and then collect, aggregate, and securely store it for you.

Use Cases

Asset Framework and Event Framing | Cloud Architecture | Edge Data Collection | Event Logs | IIoT Integration Image and Video Data Storage | Raw Material Data | Time Series Data Collection

Reporting & Dashboarding Once the data is centralized, it’s time to pull out data for insights. Real-time reporting and dashboarding will help you uncover valuable information hidden in your data. Accessing and viewing plant floor data and running performance comparisons will help you make smarter decisions.

Use cases

Asset Performance Management | Batch Process or Golden Batch Dashboards | Clean-In-Place Reporting Cybersecurity Dashboarding | Hazard Monitoring | Network Monitoring | Line Balancing Reporting Loadout and Packing Efficiency Reporting | OEE Dashboards | PID Monitoring | Plant Operational Dashboards Quality Control Dashboards | Regulatory Compliance and Tracking Reporting | Track and Trace Reporting Uptime and Downtime Dashboard | Utility Monitoring

Advanced Analytics After ensuring your data infrastructure is built and maintained, it’s time to enhance your capabilities with more sophisticated systems. Using advanced analytics powered by machine learning and AI, we can effectively monitor the most impactful process variables, ultimately enhancing production. With cutting-edge technologies and customized solutions for your plant’s unique needs, you can maximize your returns and optimize plant operations.

Use cases

Anomaly Detection | Model Predictive Control | Image and Video Analysis | Predictive Maintenance Predictive Quality

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