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Digital transformation, integrating digital technologies in plant operations, is inevitable. Staying on top of this trend while trying to wade through analytics may feel overwhelming, but learning about your plant through industrial data will help you meet your goals and, ultimately, get you well on your way to your ideal future plant.

MODERNIZATION Modernization is more than just upgrading and replacing your plant’s equipment; it’s laying the technology foundation to solve future problems. Deploying modern technologies allows you to have streamlined processes and better data collection, giving you a path toward more sophisticated analytics. CONNECTIVITY Connectivity is about linking various systems and data sources across your plant. This integration enables real-time information flow, improving efficiency and allowing visibility into operations that will power your decision-making. Pursuing connectivity means bridging data gaps, securing the flow of data between OT and IT, and paving the way for data-driven insights that were previously out of reach. VISIBILITY The visibility stage focuses on viewing and understanding what is happening within your plant. Modern machine execution systems (MES), dashboards, and alerts give insights into your operations and show you precisely what needs to change or stay the same. These industrial data tools let you monitor processes, optimize performance and product quality, and ensure efficient daily operations. TRANSPARENCY Why do certain events or problems occur within your plant? Industrial data can provide transparency into your operations and uncover issues through root cause analysis, utility monitoring, quality analytics, and more. It’s more than just seeing the data. Transparency also means accessibility; industrial data shared across your organization means more people can contribute to progress and problem-solving. By revealing the underlying factors contributing to disruptions, quality concerns, or higher costs, you can deeply understand these issues and ensure smoother future operations. PREDICTABILITY Predictability is an advanced step in the digital transformation journey. It’s about transitioning from data collection to foreseeing future outcomes through modeling, simulations, regression analysis, and more. Employing predictive analytics bolstered by machine learning allows you to anticipate and prepare for maintenance needs, quality deviations, and other critical events. PRESCRIPTIVE The prescriptive stage employs advanced analytics models, including machine learning and AI- driven optimization. These models seamlessly integrate into your operational workflow, offering real-time, actionable recommendations that guide decision-making to optimize process and performance. This enables your manufacturing line to adapt dynamically to changing conditions, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

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