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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.

MEDIUM / HIGH VOLTAGE PROJECT EXPERIENCE THARALDSON ETHANOL Interstates designed the 15kV distribution system for Tharaldson Ethanol’s greenfield ethanol facility near Casselton, ND. The medium voltage system provided power from an onsite utility substation to all portions of the facility. Project Challenges The medium voltage system needed to accommodate future plans to double the size of the facility. Client Reference Danum Hofland | Tharaldson Ethanol | Key Scope Components 15kV metal-clad switchgear line-up I Two hcaaprmacoitnoircablalyn-kfisltered 15kV automatically-switching I Three distribution loops feeding 14 step-down transformers ARDENT MILLS Ai nss tpaal rl et do ft ht he emc eodnisut mr u-cvtoi ol tna goef tdhi se t nr iebwu tfiloonu rs yms ti lel ml o tcha at et di ni tne rPfoarcte Rd ewd iwt hi ntgh ei nuTt ial mi t ipe as ’, eFlLe, cItnr ti ce ar sl tsaytsetse md e os ing nt heed Paonrdt a n d bofrotwugoh1t5pkoVwpeardtomtohuenftosuwr to power the plant. This included design, install, setup and commissioning

Client Reference Dean Hoerning | Ardent Mills | Key Scope Components Utility Switching Cabinet I Utility Metering Cabinet I Two Customer-owned 15kV padmount switches I Four 15kV to 480V step-down transformers

Project Challenges 1. Relocation of existing utility lines to allow rail tunnel to be installed 2. Marine environment exposure on the Port

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MEDIUM / HIGH VOLTAGE PROJECT EXPERIENCE OILSEED PLANT IN UPPER MIDWEST Ianl ltoewr s tt ah tee ps laadndt et od br eedt tuenr duat ni l ti zaeu tt ho e- scwa ipt ca hc ii tnyg o6f Mt hVeAeRx i1s5t iknVg cuat pi l ai tcyi tfoere dl i en re. uTphsi st op raonj eecxti si nt i cnl gu do end- sdi tees si gunbisnt ga t i o n t o ethxepaandsdieodneoqfuthipemsuenbts.tation, connecting the new equipment, and designing the protection scheme required for Project Challenges 12 .. PE hn yv si ri oc anlms pe na ct ae l l ci mh ai tl laetni ogne so of tf hoeu et dx oi sot ri negx ps uobs us traet i o n Key Scope Components Two 6MVAR 15kV Autoswitching Detuned Capacitor Banks I Substation expansion components including two 15kV breakers I Custom 15kV switching and metering padmount switch AG PROCESSING, INC. Aa ns dp ianr st toa fl ltehde ad 3e 5s ikgVn -dbi us ti lrdi bcuotni os nt r fuocrt itohne of af cai lni teyw. Tshoey ibnecaonmpi rnogc pe os swi ne gr ff ar oc iml i ttyh ien uAt ibl ietrydceoenns, iSs Dt e, dI not fe tr ws t oa treesdduensdi ga nn et d 3l o5okpValni ndeas . 3T5hkeVocnaspi taec idt oi srt rbi abnukt i of onr cPoonws iesrt eFda cotfogr aCso- irnr seuc lt ai ot end. Ts hwei toc nh sgiet ea rd(i Gs tIrSi )b tuot i po rno cvoi dnes ips tr eodt eoc ft iao n3 5f ok rV tlhoeo po nt os i t e provide redundant distribution to the twelve site distribution transformers through four pad-mount, gas-insulated spwr oi vt ci hd ee sp. rToht ee cpt ai odn- mf oorutnhte, gi na ds -i vi ni ds uu laal t pe da ds-wmi ot cuhnets t wr aenrsef ol or mo pe rf es d. I tnot earl sl ot awt ei ss owl aotri ok ns coof ps ee ci nt i colnusd eo df tdhees li og on p, , a s w e l l a s , procurement, installation, commissioning, and start-up of the entire power distribution system.

Client Reference BTor ynaynS St ehpaar np e|kA|gAPgr Po cr oe sc seisnsgi n, Ign, cI n. |c .b|s ht satrepp@a na ge kp @. c oamg p . c o m Key Scope Components 3ba5ckkVuGpIsSySswteimtchagnedarrealanyd pEr-oHtoecutsieo,nincluding battery I Padmount GIS Switchgear with internal relay protection I Padmount Distribution Transformers I 35kV AutoSwitching Power Factor Correction Unit

Project Challenges 1 . Gt rI aSvSewl eidt cthhgeeraer t wo ae sn sduersei gcnoerdr eacnt dd ebsui igl tn i annGdelramy oa unty, , 2. Floanilgolveeardstcihmeem(e1wyrit)h local utility to ensure continued power even through failure of incoming 35 kV line 3 . 3w5aksVn ’Pt FbCu idl te ys ei gt n( da inddn ’stpheacvi fei caacttiuo anl floora da i fnagc ,i lPi tFy l tehvaetl 4. PaonwdehraFrmorownaicrsddaantda)Commissiong of system in stages twoheinl es uo trhe esrasfet itlyl uonf adlel rpceorns os tnrnueclt i(osno)m e a re a s o p e ra t i n g

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