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MEDIUM / HIGH VOLTAGE PROJECT EXPERIENCE OILSEED PLANT IN UPPER MIDWEST Ianl ltoewr s tt ah tee ps laadndt et od br eedt tuenr duat ni l ti zaeu tt ho e- scwa ipt ca hc ii tnyg o6f Mt hVeAeRx i1s5t iknVg cuat pi l ai tcyi tfoere dl i en re. uTphsi st op raonj eecxti si nt i cnl gu do end- sdi tees si gunbisnt ga t i o n t o ethxepaandsdieodneoqfuthipemsuenbts.tation, connecting the new equipment, and designing the protection scheme required for Project Challenges 12 .. PE hn yv si ri oc anlms pe na ct ae l l ci mh ai tl laetni ogne so of tf hoeu et dx oi sot ri negx ps uobs us traet i o n Key Scope Components Two 6MVAR 15kV Autoswitching Detuned Capacitor Banks I Substation expansion components including two 15kV breakers I Custom 15kV switching and metering padmount switch AG PROCESSING, INC. Aa ns dp ianr st toa fl ltehde ad 3e 5s ikgVn -dbi us ti lrdi bcuotni os nt r fuocrt itohne of af cai lni teyw. Tshoey ibnecaonmpi rnogc pe os swi ne gr ff ar oc iml i ttyh ien uAt ibl ietrydceoenns, iSs Dt e, dI not fe tr ws t oa treesdduensdi ga nn et d 3l o5okpValni ndeas . 3T5hkeVocnaspi taec idt oi srt rbi abnukt i of onr cPoonws iesrt eFda cotfogr aCso- irnr seuc lt ai ot end. Ts hwei toc nh sgiet ea rd(i Gs tIrSi )b tuot i po rno cvoi dnes ips tr eodt eoc ft iao n3 5f ok rV tlhoeo po nt os i t e provide redundant distribution to the twelve site distribution transformers through four pad-mount, gas-insulated spwr oi vt ci hd ee sp. rToht ee cpt ai odn- mf oorutnhte, gi na ds -i vi ni ds uu laal t pe da ds-wmi ot cuhnets t wr aenrsef ol or mo pe rf es d. I tnot earl sl ot awt ei ss owl aotri ok ns coof ps ee ci nt i colnusd eo df tdhees li og on p, , a s w e l l a s , procurement, installation, commissioning, and start-up of the entire power distribution system.

Client Reference BTor ynaynS St ehpaar np e|kA|gAPgr Po cr oe sc seisnsgi n, Ign, cI n. |c .b|s ht satrepp@a na ge kp @. c oamg p . c o m Key Scope Components 3ba5ckkVuGpIsSySswteimtchagnedarrealanyd pEr-oHtoecutsieo,nincluding battery I Padmount GIS Switchgear with internal relay protection I Padmount Distribution Transformers I 35kV AutoSwitching Power Factor Correction Unit

Project Challenges 1 . Gt rI aSvSewl eidt cthhgeeraer t wo ae sn sduersei gcnoerdr eacnt dd ebsui igl tn i annGdelramy oa unty, , 2. Floanilgolveeardstcihmeem(e1wyrit)h local utility to ensure continued power even through failure of incoming 35 kV line 3 . 3w5aksVn ’Pt FbCu idl te ys ei gt n( da inddn ’stpheacvi fei caacttiuo anl floora da i fnagc ,i lPi tFy l tehvaetl 4. PaonwdehraFrmorownaicrsddaantda)Commissiong of system in stages twoheinl es uo trhe esrasfet itlyl uonf adlel rpceorns os tnrnueclt i(osno)m e a re a s o p e ra t i n g

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