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RIVERBEND MEATS PROJECT EXPERIENCE Interstates provided a full array of solutions to construct a greenfield meat processing plant for Riverbend Meats in Idaho Falls, ID. The initial contract was for our construction services only. As the project progressed, we solved scope gi nasptsr ubmy epnutl al itni og ni n, caodndt ri toi ol anna dl deilsecci tprliicnael sesnugci hn eaesr oi npge, raant ido na racl tf el acshhnsotluodg iye (sO. T ) , c o n t r o l a u t o m a t i o n a n d d e s i g n , KEY SCOPE COMPONENTS - Wreodrukneddacnlcoysealnydwhitahrdth-we ierqinugipwmoeunldt vbeentdhoerbteosrteavpeprsreoaecnhg.ineer their typical control installation. Discovered that - Held meetings with our vendors and the client to stay on top of supply chain delays and to better understand the risk. - Navigated overall schedule problems by being flexible and anticipating potential changes. SERVICES PROVIDED E| CleocntrsiuclatlinCgonSestrrvuiccetiso|nO|TEIlencfrtraisctarluEcntugrieneering | Industrial Automation & Integration | Instrumentation


DOLLAR AMOUNT $17,500,000 $

LOCATION Idaho Falls, ID


INDUSTRY Meat Processing

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