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DATA COLLECTION - Confirm piping and instrumentation diagrams are still - Caocclluercattper. ocess equipment and vessel data. - Capture nominal plant operating conditions. FINAL EVALUATION - Rqeuveisetwionthse. evaluation with the client and answer - Send final valve sizing documentation and specification - Ashsseiesttsi.n any other PSM documentation needs. ENGINEERING ANALYSIS - Determine each required relief capacity. - Perform sizing calculations to confirm proper device capacity. fully protecting your process. Here’s what we’ll provide: The Process Ivni soi tutrot ghar tehee- pr hi na fsoerdmaaptpi or no .aTc hh ,eoyubrrti enagmt hsi tsairntfsowr mi t aht ai osni tteo or euproernt goinn ewear ys ,swt oh oi mapnraol yvzeeyiot uarnvdapl vreo vc iadpea ac i st yu. m m a r i z e d What You Get Ihf ayvoeun’’vt eg ot rni ee db taoc ks qt ou eseezeei fmyooruer opul at pnut ti sf rsot iml l py or outrepc tl ae nd tabnudt sv aa fl ev ,e i ts’isz itni mg et of oern as ucrhee yc ok uu rp .pAr of tceersas na nu dp gpreaodpe l, ewaer’el l pc rhoetcekc tyeodu. r The PSV study will evaluate the process and equipment relief rate requirements to confirm that devices are compliant and

| Tag-specific evaluation of all potential relief | W sit o u r a s t t i - o ca n s s e relief rate determination | Scuaiptaacbiitlyityanodf tsheet pexoiisntting safety device for | PSM-qualified datasheets and capacity | Pcarilocuriltaitzieodnsrefcoormeamchentdagations on changes to implement

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