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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.


Interstates performed a complete design-build package for a new 120,000 bushel per hour grain export terminal fI an ct ei l ri tsyt af toers EcGo Tm/pBl ue tnegde ei nl e cL torni cgavl i ee nwg, iWn eaes rhi inngg, teol ne c- t trhi cea fl i cr so tn Us t. Sr u. gc rt iaoi nn , eaxnpdo ri nt st terrummi ne an lt ac toi no snt ri nu sc tt ae ldl ai tni oonv. eI rn 2t e0r syteaat ress. facility by influencing the design and executing the plan with the highest level KEY SCOPE COMPONENTS Iandtdeirtsi ot ant, etsh ienys it na lslteadl l e2 d, 2 a5n9d, 2w1 6i r feede t1 o, 0f 7w8 i rl ieg, h1t 7f 5i x, 4t u5r7e sf e, e5 t4 o5 f mr i og ti do rcsoannddu i1t ,, 9a3n2d i 1n 6s t2r, u0 m1 6e nf et es .t Ionft Pe rVsCt aut ne sd ei nr sg traol ul ant di o. nI n included 15kv power distribution and 480V power distribution to six electric rooms throughout the facility.

SERVICES PROVIDED Electrical Construction

I Electrical Engineering I Instrumentation I Electrical Prefabrication


DOLLAR AMOUNT $15,700,000 $



INDUSTRY Grain Export Terminal

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