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CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE A major automotive parts manufacturer was in the process of recovering from a cybersecurity incident that impacted their corporate systems. The incident response team hired by the corporate group did not feel comfortable or qualified thoi raesds et os setvhael uOapt ee rt ahtei opnraoldTueccthi onno ldoegvyi cneest wa nodr knse at wn do rs ky ss taetmt ws too md ea tneurfma ci tnuer ii fntgh leoyc wa tei or en sf r. eI ne toe fr ms t aa tl we sawr ea. sI natbelres tt oa tiensf owr ams the manufacturer that the production environments were free of malware and could be interacted with normally.

KEY SCOPE COMPONENTS - Analysis of Network Traffic -- REveavliue awt ioofnOopf eDreavt iincge -St oy s- Dt eemv i cFei l eCso na nnde cRt iuvni ttyi m e Pa ra m e t e r s SERVICES PROVIDED Cybersecurity Assessment | Incident Response



LOCATION Central United States


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