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LORTSCHER ANIMAL NUTRITION PROJECT EXPERIENCE Ii nn st et rrus tma teenst aptrioovni,df eodr tahceoLmopr tl es ct eh edre sAi ng inm- baul iNl du terl ietci ot rni csai lt ep ai nc kBargoewi nn wc l ou od di n, gT Xe l. eTcet ar imc awl oe rnkg, i ande ae pr itni ng g, ctooncsl ti re un ct tni oene ,dasn, adn d i s n o n lu o t v i a o t n iv s. e programming and engineering all culminated in a fresh mix: true partnerships and custom-made KEY SCOPE COMPONENTS Interstates installed batching solution, I-Control; Implemented human machine interfaces at hand-add stations and a micro weigh-up station to verify ingredients; Installed an underground conduit system that avoided firewall penetration and kept the facility clean and uncluttered.

SERVICES PROVIDED Electrical Construction

I Electrical Engineering I Control Systems I Instrumentation


DOLLAR AMOUNT $1,100,000 $

LOCATION Brownwood, TX


INDUSTRY Feed Milling

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