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CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Interstates manufactures and commissions UL listed electrical and backup power panels for a confidential data cc el i ne nt et r’ savnadr imo ui ssslioocna- tciroi nt isc.aOl nc lci ee nt ht . eWpea nmeal sn ua rf aecot un rsei tteh ea sned arsesaedmy bf ol ire si ni snt aolnl aet oi of no, uI rn ttehrrsetea tpeasnwe li lsl hcoopms ma ni sds isohni pt ht eo t h e panels to ensure they are functioning to interface with and control critical equipment. KEY SCOPE COMPONENTS - Build and test quality panels to the customer specifications in our Sioux Center facility with the capacity to grow and expand production at our Fort Collins, CO and Omaha, NE location -- WP roorvki dcel ocsoeml ymwi si tshi otnhien cgl iaenndt st rt oe aumb l et os heonogtiinnegesrear nv idc eqsu oa lni fsyi t tehwe hpial en ewl of or rk iunsge wi ni tthh ae ivr af raicei tl iyt ioefs t r a d e s a n d o t h e r v e n d o r s - Pernosvuirdeerperlieavbelnetoivpeermaatiionntesnfoanrcteheancldiesnutp. port services for the panels once the panels and assemblies are installed to

SERVICES PROVIDED Panel Fabrication | Drafting | Engineering | Commissioning | Maintenance & Support


DOLLAR AMOUNT $10,000,000+ $

LOCATION Various North American Locations


INDUSTRY & MDias tsai oCne Cn rt ei tri c a l

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