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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.


Protect Your Plant and Meet Compliance Have you made process changes without confirming that pressure safety valves (PSV) still protect you? Even small changes to process equipment can affect safety vd ar al vset i sc ea rl lvyi cceh ar enqg ue i trhe emreenqtus .i rFeodr ci na ps taacni tcye ,ocf haarnegl ii ne fg vtahl ev et r. iCmo mi npal ect oi nngt rao Pl vS aVl vaeu dc ai tnn o t only ensures you have the correct device sizing, but you’ll also meet OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) program standards. You can be confident that your people will work safely and operations will run smoothly. Yn oe ue dmt aoywnoortkr we ahl iezne nt he ae td seadf et ot ykveaelpv eyso aurreheovme reyawnhdesrye s, ti enmc l us ds ianf eg . oYuoru rh of amc iel ist. yT’ sh es ay f e t y va anldv edsa amr ae gteh ec osua lmd eo. cIcf ut hr. eIyt caor ue nl d’ t bsei zae ds mc oarl lr el ecat lky,oprrme sosruer ec actaans tbr uo ipl dh ipc ,alsi tk ea as apf ei plee v e l , bc ouur sl dt i nl ega dw ti tohdsat ne ag me r oour shsaizt ua radt ioounss cf ho er my oi cuarl sp. eI omppl er oapnedr leyqsui izpemd ePnStV. sS ai nf eyt oy uvra pl vl ea sn tasr e ob fi gt e. nV apl rvoeps et rhlayt sai zr ee dt o, bo ubt i go uc ra na ur de li ites vheatvoeof oq uu ni cdk lPySaVns dt hl eaat da rt eo epirt ehme ra ttouor es mw ea al lroarntdo o toevaerrporfethsseuerqeu. ipment. If a valve is too small, it doesn’t relieve fast enough to avoid Why conduct a PSV Audit?

REDUCE SAFETY RISKS Identify & neutralize potential threats before they happen

PROTECT YOUR RESOURCES I f ad ovwa lnvtei mf aei l sc,oysot su, ceoquulidp mp aeynfto r damage, & injured personnel

OSHA PSM REQUIREMENTS & DOCUMENTATION AOvSoHi dA p&o toetnhtei ar lr ceoqmu ipr el ida nr ce eg uc loastti so nf rso &m standards on sizing verification

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DATA COLLECTION - Confirm piping and instrumentation diagrams are still - Caocclluercattper. ocess equipment and vessel data. - Capture nominal plant operating conditions. FINAL EVALUATION - Rqeuveisetwionthse. evaluation with the client and answer - Send final valve sizing documentation and specification - Ashsseiesttsi.n any other PSM documentation needs. ENGINEERING ANALYSIS - Determine each required relief capacity. - Perform sizing calculations to confirm proper device capacity. fully protecting your process. Here’s what we’ll provide: The Process Ivni soi tutrot ghar tehee- pr hi na fsoerdmaaptpi or no .aTc hh ,eoyubrrti enagmt hsi tsairntfsowr mi t aht ai osni tteo or euproernt goinn ewear ys ,swt oh oi mapnraol yvzeeyiot uarnvdapl vreo vc iadpea ac i st yu. m m a r i z e d What You Get Ihf ayvoeun’’vt eg ot rni ee db taoc ks qt ou eseezeei fmyooruer opul at pnut ti sf rsot iml l py or outrepc tl ae nd tabnudt sv aa fl ev ,e i ts’isz itni mg et of oern as ucrhee yc ok uu rp .pAr of tceersas na nu dp gpreaodpe l, ewaer’el l pc rhoetcekc tyeodu. r The PSV study will evaluate the process and equipment relief rate requirements to confirm that devices are compliant and

| Tag-specific evaluation of all potential relief | W sit o u r a s t t i - o ca n s s e relief rate determination | Scuaiptaacbiitlyityanodf tsheet pexoiisntting safety device for | PSM-qualified datasheets and capacity | Pcarilocuriltaitzieodnsrefcoormeamchentdagations on changes to implement

READY TO GET STARTED? Oasusrisstpyeocuiabliyzevdieswaifnetgyoduervwiceebesxipteeortrsccaalnl 7p1r2e-p7a2r2e -y1o6u6r2p. lant for the unexpected. Find out more about how we can

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