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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.


Interstates will deliver an industrial, electrical Design-Build experience that’s easier to navigate, provides a higher return on investment, and lowers risk.


Earlier Budgets. Faster Completion. Better Constructability.


LONGER TIMELINE Bt hi de dpirnogj eacnt dt i amweal irndei n. Mg mo rue l ht i apnl ed co of fnat nr adc kt si cakdodf f wmeeeektsi nt og s bn eo tt ws teaernt bp er of oj er ce t t ph he adseessi ganr ei sn ceoe md epdl .e Ct eo. nI fs tt rhuecrtei oanr ed o e s dbaecsikgtnoisthsueedsr,acwoninsgtrbuocatirodn. stops while project issues go TUNNEL VISION Mc ouncthr alcetsosrcfoolcl aubs eodr aot ino hn oawn dt ot ema ma kwe omr ko n—e yecaocmh p l e t i n g their own part of the project. MANY MOVING PARTS TO MANAGE Multiple contractors with their own goals in mind, resulting in communication gaps, finger-pointing, and cphroanjegcet poredrfeorrsm—anmceeafonrinygomu.ore headaches and less FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY AND RISK Higher final costs, as it’s common to see an artificially laodwdendutmobite.r at bid time and aggressive change orders

RAPID PROJECT DELIVERY Be liidmdiinnagt ea dn da lat wo gaertdh teirm, gei vi si nggr et iamt l ey br eadc ku ct eodt hoer pa nr odj ec cotnas nt rdu gc teitot ni nhg aypopuernpsriomduulct ta nt oe omuasrl yk esto. Da ne sy i g n design issues are more easily addressed. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS More innovation and better constructability — the team can collaborate, find new ways to add value to your pyoroujregcto,aalns.d share the risk. We align our goals around SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY Or ensep os innsgi bl ei lpi toyi nf ot rotf hceo ne nt at ci rtempar no jaegcet s—a nrde mt a ok ve isn g cooffoyroduinraptliantge,.handling, and scheduling all the details EARLY, DEPENDABLE PRICING Ot hnaet ’ ps rt oh pe opsrai lc eu py foruo npta fyo —r d ne soi ghni dadnedn ccohnasrtgreusc toi ro ns caonpde gaps.

WHY DESIGN-BUILD WITH INTERSTATES You’re managing multiple projects and you have a lot on your plate. Bring us your most complex electrical De xeps ei gr nt i-sBeui itl dt ackheas l tl eondgeelsi v. eWr et’hvee bg eo st tysooul uc toi voenr. ePda rwt ni tehr twh ei t eh nI gnitneer es trai nt egs, pa rnodj ebcet cmo amnpa lgeet me l ye nc to, nafni ddetnetc hy on ui crapl r o j e c t will be finished on schedule. On budget. And on target with your needs. No matter what. Nobody’s done it longer. And nobody does it better.

LOWER COSTS. HIGHER CONSTRUCTABILITY. Maximize your project’s usability and don’t pay any more than you have to. Wi n iet hl e cI nt rt iecraslt ad teessi ,gyno, uc ognest t trhuec tri eocno, gannidz eadu tsopme cai tai loi snt sf o r leexspsetrhi ea nn cbei dmdei na ng sa tl lh tehpr er oe j se ec pt sa wr aet edl ye. sTi ghni sacr oe mmboi rnee d constructable and deliver substantial cost savings. MORE ACCURACY. LESS GUESSWORK. We can make the most complicated project simpler for you. Our exclusive InterTrak™ software was intentionally developed to make the industrial, electrical Design-Build pt hr eo ceenstsi rsee taema ml e stso, tvri ae nws pp ar or ej enct t, as tnadt uasc ci nu rraetael. tI itma el l o—w s icmliepnrtovreinpgorctoinllagb. oration, schedule reliability, speed, and LESS RISK OF DOWNTIME Delays are costly. Just a few hours of downtime can be catastrophic for your business. Ikneteepr isnt ga tyeos ui soap ep raarttinnegr. Wt h ah te ins y1o1u0 c%h oc oo sme mu si t, twe de taon s w e r tghe et t pi nhgo yn oe u2 t4h/e7 s—u p np oo tr te wv ehne an ehvoel ri daanydwwi lhl ekreeevpe ru sy of ruo m need it. FINANCIAL AND SCHEDULE RELIABILITY Nobody likes surprises. Our decades of experience perfecting the industrial, electrical Design-Build process makes us more reliable ac ot ne vs terruycst itoenp do ef lyaoyusr, apnrdo jseccot p—e cerlei me pi n. a t i n g d e s i g n g a p s , BUILT-IN PROBLEM-SOLVING The freedom to pursue a better way is built into our culture. Wi n ne odvoant ’i tn sgettot l el ofookr ftohre ns et awt uws aqyus ot o—s awv ee ’ ryeo uc ot ni ms tea na tnl dy money at every step of your project.

EXCEPTIONAL SAFETY We know safety on your jobsite can keep you up at night. Oc l ui ernjto hb as ist ee vsearf esteyetnr.aWc ke rneoc to rodn liys eo nf tseunr et hoeuhr i pg he oe sptl et h e wproorjkecstatfeealym—. we set the standards for the entire SEAMLESS REPLICATION AND CONSISTENCY ACROSS MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Save substantial time and money by not having to start at ground zero. No matter where you’re operating around the country, wt hea twwi lel ’mr eamn aagi ne tyaoi nuirnpg rtohj ee cctosnesai ms t el enscsyl yoaf nydo uern s u r e specifications at every facility. We’ve been doing this for decades — don’t take the risk with less experienced firms. HIGHLY EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION METHODS We find solutions early to optimize your budget. Ol ouork cfoonr sotpr upcotri tounnti et iaems tios lienvveorl av ge ed oufpf sf ri toenmt , as no uwf aecct ua nr i n g ei nasrtl ay l il ant ti oh ne dt iems ieg annpdr omciensism. Pi zreesf at br ar di cea tsitoanc kciuntgs, increasing efficiency and safety on your jobsite while eliminating risk of labor availability.

Ta nhde tphreo jpeac rt twn ea rs sah ispu ct hc ea st swaass adreevseul ol tpoefdt. hI ehtaovtea lwt eoar mk e de f wf oirtth many electrical design-build contractors nationwide and was it mh epyr ehsasde dt hwe ietxhptehrei eI nn ct ee rasnt adt ec so nt esat rmu catsi os ing nk endo wt ol et dh gi se pnreoej edcetd; a s tpol amn ne ee td t thhee pwr oo jrekc ta ng od af losl. l To wh ee dp ri ot ft ehsrsoi uo gn ha l t wo ac oy my opul er t pi oeno pwl ea s greatly appreciated.” – Corporate Engineer of a Fortune 500 Food Processing Corporation


800.827.1662 I www.interstates.com 1400 7th Avenue NE, Sioux Center, IA 51250

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