Arc Flash Process Brochure | Interstates

WHAT TO EXPECT YOUR GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL ARC FLASH STUDY YOUR ROLE Your involvement keeps the project moving. In addition to the steps above, here are a few things we’ll need from you: 12.. WProorvkidwe itthheucsotnotsaccht eadnudleactchoeudnattiancfoorllmecattiioonn tfroirp your electrical service provider 34 .. W* Par lokv ti dh ee aa rqcuf al al isfhi etde cahs sniisctiaannt tfhorrotuhgehdtahtea fcaoclillei tcyt i o n 5. Approve invoices when submitted 67 .. AI mt tpe lnedmaenndt rpeacrot imc imp aetneddaut iroi nngs tbheef okriec kr oe cf fe, isviitne gr ef icnaapl raenpdorret vaine dw i mn feoer tmi nug ss o f t h e s e c h a n g e s 89 .. *SAa vpep fl yi ntahl edaorccufml aesnht lsafboerl sf usteunrte tuossei t e *Note: Depending on options selected in the proposal, Interstates may be contracted to complete these items. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE Throughout and after the project, you can expect to receive: 12.. PMroongtrhelsysirnevpooicretss based on the project’s progression 3. Documentation of the facility’s power distribution system 45.. FAirncdfilnasghs olafbsealfsety and reliability concerns with recommendations for addressing the issues 67 .. CDoomc upml i ea nn tcaet wi o int hp eNrFtPhAe 7a 0r cE fal ar sc hf l pa as hc kraegqeu si reel emc et endt s



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