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SAMPLING OF CLIENTS & SERVICES BELLVUE WATER TREATMENT PLANT Electrical Construction BOYD LAKE WATER TREATMENT PLANT Electrical Construction CITY OF GREELEY WATER POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITY Electrical Construction CITY OF LINCOLN, NE EMlaencturfiaccatluCroendsStroulucttiioonns, Electrical Engineering, CITY OF SIOUX CENTER, IA Industrial Automation & Integration CITY OF SIOUX FALLS, SD EAluetcotmricaatiloCno&nsItnrtuecgtrioanti,oDnesign-Assist, Industrial CITY OF SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE Electrical Construction CREEKSTONE FARMS E In le te c g tr r i a c t a io l C n onstruction, Industrial Automation & DRAKE WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY EInlestcrturimcaelnCtoantisotnruction, Design-Assist,

FORT COLLINS WATER TREATMENT PLANT Electrical Construction, Design-Assist, Instrumentation KOHLER RESERVOIR Electrical Construction NORTH RANGE BOOSTER PUMP STATION Electrical Construction ROYAL CANIN EA luetcotmr i caat il oCno &n sItnr tuecgt ri oa nt i,oEnl,eIcnt sr ti cr aulmEenngtiantei oe rni n g , I n d u s t r i a l SOLDIER CANYON FILTER PLANT Electrical Construction SOUTH FORT COLLINS SANITATION DISTRICT Electrical Construction TYSON Maintenance and Support WELLINGTON WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY Electrical Construction, Electrical Engineering WINDSOR WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY Electrical Construction

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