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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.

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Interstates industrial offerings include: I Electrical Engineering I Electrical Construction I Instrumentation I Industrial Automation & Integration I PCroondtruocltiPoannels, Power Skids, and E-House I OT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity I Regional Support and Maintenance Services With plant efficiency and cost savings more important than ever, Interstates provides turn-key electrical solutions to ensure your flour mill meets its gp oa va li sn. gAtdhveawn caeydt oa uetnoamb al et iyoonuarnf da cai lni tayl yttoi cascac rees s real-time information on batch samples, machine

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