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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.


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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING / DESIGN CONCEPT Detailed Electrical Design Design Assist VDC (Scanning, Modeling, Simulation) Specification Development FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION Ocounrshtriguhctlyiosnkcilrleedwtsetaombuasnidnepsrsovaesnuspuraolc.eses will take your project from 3D design and coordination to our onsite QUALITY PROGRAM Third-Party Quality Control Standards Development Training PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Estimating Scheduling Feasibility RFP Services ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Power Systems - Distribution Systems / Low Voltage Medium Voltage PROCUREMENT Full Turn-Key Program OFE & CFE Management Assistance SERVICE WORK MOP Development / Training Program Management COMMISSIONING Management Planning


Assemblies - Modular

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SAMPLING OF CLIENTS & SERVICES 1623 FARNAM | Omaha, NE | Data Center Maintenance Maintenance and Support CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Clarksville, TN | 80MW Data Center Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Omaha, NE | 80MW Data Center Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Papillion, NE | 80MW Data Center EOlFeEctMriacanlaCgoemnsetnrut,cQtiAon/Q, EClectrical Prefabrication, BIM/VDC, CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Pryor, OK | 80MW Data Center Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Omaha, NE | Service Agreement with Data Center Campus | Maintenance and Support CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT | Multiple Locations | Service AMgarienet emneanntcfeoar nMduSl tuipppl eoDr ta t a C e n t e r C a m p u s e s FIDELITY | Papillion, NE | West Data Center Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication T-MOBILE | Omaha, NE | 3MW Telecom Data Center Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication VERIZON | Omaha, NE | Mobile Switching Center Expansion Electrical Construction, Electrical Prefabrication DATA CENTER MARKET EXPERIENCE

LOCATIONS: Multiple across the United States DATA CENTER EXPERIENCE: 2007 - Present TRAVELING WORKFORCE: 500+ Craftsmen

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