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| Utility Visibility: Provide visibility into utility consumption at the site with real-time trending and drill-down csuapstaabiniliatbieilsi.tyThgeoaslyssotefmthceacnomempaainlyw. eekly or monthly utility reports to track the consumption and | Capacity Planning: Analyze utility information to determine if there is capacity to add additional plant devices downstream. | Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitor utility data to identify anomalies such as voltage sags, current spikes, water/steam leaks, and other common issues. | Root-Cause Troubleshooting: Review historical data during plant utility events to determine the root cause. | Utility Bill Validation: Compare utility consumption measured from Interstates Utility Monitor solution to actual billing from a plant’s utility company to identify and resolve any discrepancies.

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Four Key Features of Interstates’ Utility Monitor Solution Include:

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Our approach to setting up this solution is to first cuot iml i tpyl emt ee t ea r innegt wa toar ks i taeu. dTiht e oi nf t eenx itsitsi ntgo oauntdl i npel aunt inl ietdy distribution systems and provide a hierarchical utility flow diagram for data collection. This product partners with solutions our engineering team provides, such as additional site audits, like power or arc flash studies. RESULTS & RETURN ON INVESTMENT Md i os tnoi rt ot iroi nn go ft hae uctui lri rt ye nstw, vi toc lht ag ge ea ,r pcoa wn eprr, oavni dd eh va ar ml u oa bn li ec information to a manufacturing site in several ways: Power Quality Monitoring: By monitoring voltage and cs wu rerlel sn, ti, nat emr raunputfi aocnt su, rai nn dg hs iat re mc ao nn i icdde insttiof yr t vi oonl tsatghea st ac ga sn, ct iamu es ed aetqauoi pnmpeonwt e rd aqmu aalgi tey, at nh de sdi toewcna tni mt aek. e Wc oi trhr e cr et iavle- apcrtoidouncstitvoityp. revent equipment failures and improve Energy Management: Monitoring power and current ce anne rpgryo- vs ai dvei ni gn soi pg hp to ri nt ut on iet ineesr. gByy uasnaagley zainndg ht he el pdiadtean, tt ihf ye plant owners and operators can determine the most efficient operating conditions and optimize the use of energy resources.

SOLUTION Icna tpetrusrtiantge s ’d aUt at i lfi rt yo mMnoentiwt oorr k seedr vWi c.eAs. G . fEo. Sc u. sme se t eorns cs iotne ,nUe ct itlei tdy Mt oo na i tmo ra na lul of awc teudr ti nhge ms ittoe . kAe et pt ha ihs i sctloi erni cta’ sl raencaol yr ds i s o f s umceht e raesd adnaot am aalnyd duestee citti ofno, r oapdevraantci oe nd classifications, accountability to utility suppliers, and further understanding of consumption trends. CHALLENGES Tmheet ebri sg gc eo sntncehcat lel ed nt go et ho en pt hl ai sn pt rnoejtewc towr ka. sCgoent nt i encgt ai nl lgt ha lel tah feuml l eptlearnst parnoavliydsei ss . t hHeo bweesvt eorp, ipt omr t auyn ibt ye tiomcporma cptliec tael or difficult for each meter to be connected to the pr ul annnti nnge tcwa bo lreks. , Tohr i tshceolualydo bu et odfuteh et opsl awni tt ci ht s el ol fc. a t i o n s ,

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Load Management: By monitoring the current, os tpeeprsa tt oo r rsecdaunc ei dtehnet ilfoyapde da uk rdi ne gm tahneds ep et irmi oedss. aTnhdi s t ca ak ne heneleprgtoy acvoostids.peak demand charges and reduce overall Equipment Maintenance: Monitoring voltage ao nf de qcuuirprme netn t c aann dp ri odve indtei f yi nps oi gthe nt t iianlt om tahi ne t ehneaanl ct he ihseslupe spbl aenf ot r eo pt he er ayt obresc osmc he emd ua lj eo r mp raoi nb tl ee mn asn. cTeh i ms coarne efficiently, reduce downtime, and extend the life of equipment. Compliance: Monitoring harmonic distortion can hwei ltph prl ea gnut lma taoirnyt e sntaanncdeapr de sr s of onrn epl oewn seur r eq uc oa ml i t py.l i aTnhci es mcoamypalviaonidcep. enalties and legal issues related to non- Oh avremr aol ln, i mc odni si tt oo rr itni ogn t hoef cuutri lriet yn t , s wv oi lt tcahggee, apr o wp reorv, iadneds

valuable insights to a manufacturing site, improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring reliable equipment performance. Interstates has over 70 years combined experience in increasing plant potential, improving accuracy, collecting data, and analyzing findings. Call 712- 722-1662 or visit www.interstates.com to start improving your business through data analytics.

712.722.1662 | www.interstates.com |

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