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Tapping into a renewable natural gas project for the first time, Interstates recently worked with Gevo to build a central biogas purification site and connect it to three different dairies in Northwest Iowa. Interstates provided Gevo with power distribution, PLC design and construction, programming, instrumentation, and heat trace work.

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TYPICAL SKID COMPONENTS 480V service disconnect I 480/277V panelboard I Step-down transformer I 240/120V panelboard or 208/120V panelboard I Mini power center (if applicable) I VFD/Starter panels I Power Factor Heat trace control panels I Lighting contactor

CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE Cable tray for field connection enclosures

I Pre-installed connections & cabling for field connection I Control system

I Hoods & canopies I Lighting


I Food & Beverage I Value-Added Ag I Data Centers

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Front of Skid

Lifting eyes for easy hoisting

Equipment arranged to simplify operation and maintenance

Custom steel frame built to last

Circuit breaker locks for simplified LOTO

Equipment grounding routed for one convenient site connection point

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