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Grounding Audit Client Name – Facility Location

Executive Summary

The following document presents the results of a site grounding audit performed by Jesse DeBoom with Interstates on Date. Site Escort from Client Name in Facility Location was the facility’s escort during the onsite grounding audit. Recommendations were created from these results to ensure safe grounding of equipment throughout the entire facility. During the onsite grounding system audit, we tested 287 points. These points included, but were not limited to, items such as ground whips, electrical equipment, building steel and equipment structural steel. Overall, the grounding system, which could be verified, seemed to be in good condition. All systems, which should be connected to the grounding system, were connected at the Facility Location facility. There was 1 point tested which had a High Ohm reading, and 15 points tested which had a Critical Ohm reading. There were also 10 points tested that would not produce a reading, indicating there is no or an extremely poor ground connection. Recommendations for the 26 points indicated above and any additional grounding issues noted while on site have been made below.

Scope of Work

This grounding audit is being undertaken at the request of Client Name to analyze the grounding system in the facility in conjunction with safety standards. The scope of work for this project was to complete the following: 1. Confirm that systems which should be grounded are grounded. 2. A visual inspection of the current grounding of the system. 3. Ground resistance tests via a clamp on ground resistance tester to be taken at any available ground whips and rods going to ground. 4. Ground continuity tests via a point to point continuity tester to be taken at all available gear going to ground. The following is a list of equipment tested: Switchboards, Switchgears, Conduit, Stand Alone Starters, Process equipment, Exposed Structural Steel, Electrical Outlets, Junction Boxes, and Portable Process Equipment 5. A written report with recommendations based on the results and observations. 6. Provide planviews to indicate the area in which test points were taken. 7. Test point tables to indicate all recorded measurements.


Analysis Using an AEMC Model 6424 Ground Tester (Test Current: 200mA – 250mA), the continuity between two conductive parts or the continuity to a main earthing terminal was measured at all major pieces of equipment in the electric rooms and most of the equipment in the production areas. This was done by using a known ground reference and confirming the continuity between the ground reference and the piece of equipment being tested. This confirms that the equipment in question is connected to the grounding system.


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